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The latest about the mirror

20 Apr 2012 |
Complete CentOS Mirror
Now Available. Pick your updates today!

18 Apr 2012 |
Ubuntu CD-Mirror
Now Available. We are not able to provide archives for now because of disk limitations

15 Mar 2012 |
Mirror is Live!
Hardware set, DNS set, the mirror goes live today.
Apache is out first offering!


Latest News: Now offerring the complete CPAN Mirror...

Welcome to Our Mirror
Our contribution to the open source community

What is a Mirror?

A mirror site is an exact replica of the original site and is usually updated frequently to ensure that it reflects the content of the original site. Mirror sites are used to make access faster when the original site may be geographically distant (for example, a much-used Web site in Germany may arrange to have a mirror site in the United States). In some cases, the original site (for example, on a small university server) may not have a high-speed connection to the Internet and may arrange for a mirror site at a larger site with higher-speed connection and perhaps closer proximity to a large audience. []

For us, a mirror at UCU means we can locally provide Free and Open Source software to our staff, students and the larger open source community in Uganda thereby reducing the time it takes to download software from servers in other continents.

At the moment, we hope to be able to provide as many open source projects as our disks can allow. So feel free to suggest any projects you think we should be hosting.

For the technical minds, we are running this off 2 redundant servers with 500GB disk space available... We update the mirror every night


Featured Mirrors

These are some of the high traffic mirrors we are proud to be hosting. Some of these are also the maintainers favourite Open Source Projects.


CentOS Linux
An Enterprise rock solid distro. Typical CentOS users are organizations and individuals that do not need strong commercial support in order to achieve successful operation.

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Ubuntu Linux
With Ubuntu, you can do everything you can do with other operating systems. But faster. And for free!

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Backtrack Linux
BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing arsenal that aids security professionals in the ability to perform assessments in a purely native environment dedicated to hacking.

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